NoteStrokes Software uses Music and Sound to Paint-out Images

NoteStrokes finds the distinctive elements in both sound and images. It then uses what it finds in the sound to literally paint-out what it finds in the images. NoteStrokes video renditions focus people's attention on images in compelling and penetrating ways because of their unique properties and the powerful ways the videos can be used. It is designed to first attract people to look at the screen, and then to actually see its content. It accomplishes this in part is by involving the viewer in the screen's content. It employs key principles of Psychology throughout for its effectiveness.

It is the unique properties of the NoteStrokes interface that allowed us to invent powerful ways for clients to use them - ways that offer distinct value. There are three major areas where NoteStrokes technology can be used: Fashion, Logos and Signage and Visual Art. Click on the links in the menu to see and hear video renditions in each area.